Fees Management & Account

Fees Management System is a very tedious job till date and any organization need to take a lot of care while taking fees, as maintaining financial records is very important task in any institute. A proper accounting is also needed at the end of every financial year.

  • Fees Software Is Ease-of-use and flexibility for Institute Staff with Role Management.
  • Head Master & Structure Master.
  • Fees Software Manage Fine Setup & Fee Relaxation.
  • Session Creation & Dues Management.
  • Fees Software Have Provision To Maintain Previous Caution Money Entry & Opening BalancePrevious caution money entry & Opening Balance.
  • Manage Receive fund & Refund fund In fees Software.
  • Fees adjustment through fund.
  • Send fund for adjustment and forfeit.
  • Fees management system generate kind of Fees Receipt: Bank, Cash, Draft, Credit card, adjustable, other receivable like university etc.
  • Fees software manage student installment details, Search receipt, student details (dues, receipt, fund, refund, bank list etc.)
  • Miscellaneous head apply & Common receipt.
  • Search refundable amount & Fund transfer.
  • Dues search & Cheque bounce.
  • Forfeit refundable & Ex Student details.
  • Reports: Date Wise Collection, Head Wise Collection, Cash/ Bank, Student Ledger, Balance and dues/defaulter report, Bank Payment report.
  • Bank List. & Fees Refund.
  • Complete Account

Student Fees collection & receipt printing software is the most important department of a school, college or institute. This is the major source of income and major activity of any day in any education institute.